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To ensure that you can receive automated e-mails from our Web site, please type your e-mail address and the security code and click on the "Send Test E-mail" button to have an e-mail sent to that e-mail address right now.

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Some Troubleshooting Tips

If you have been receiving e-mail confirmations from our online ordering system with no trouble until today, then it is possible that either our outgoing mail server or your incoming mail server are experiencing delays. If this is the case, most of the time if you simply wait for an hour or two, the e-mail will show up.

If you still have not received the e-mail, please check to make sure that you are receiving e-mails from other people outside of your company with no problem. If you are experiencing delays with all e-mail coming from people outside of your company, then it is likely that your e-mail server is requiring an unusual amount of time to process incoming e-mail.

If you have never been able to receive e-mail confirmations from our CSOS system, please ask your internal tech support staff if your e-mail is being hosted by GoDaddy. If it is, then you will need to set up an e-mail somewhere else to use for communications from this site. There is a well-documented problem with GoDaddy hosted e-mail, but GoDaddy has chosen not to fix this problem for their customers. You can set up a free e-mail account at yahoo.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com, or another provider of your choice.

If you are receiving e-mail from other people outside your company, but you are not receiving e-mail from us, then please check your SPAM Filter to see if the automated e-mail from our Web site might have been flagged as SPAM. Many times a commercial SPAM filter will flag e-mail that contains the names of pharmaceuticals. This would be particularly true if you are using an e-mail address with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or another such e-mail service. If the confirmation e-mail was caught in your SPAM filter, please "whitelist" legisym.com so your e-mail provider will know that you want to accept e-mail from us.

Finally, if you occasionally have a problem receiving a confirmation e-mail when placing an order on the Express222 Web site, it is possible that the order transmission page is not getting the time it needs to finish its work. Sending the confirmation e-mail is the last step of the process, so if the process seems to be running a little slowly, be sure that you don't navigate away from the order page before it finishes its work.